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About 5 years ago, I started using Identifix Direct-Hit. It helped my techs cut to the chase and repair many weird problems correctly the first time. As technology advanced and computers started sharing functions in many different systems, finding the actual problem became easier and more profitable using Identifix. As a result of subscribing to Identifix, my bottom line has improved by as much as 20% each month, and customer satisfaction is at an all-time high. I recommend this service to anyone who wants to run a more profitable shop.

Mike Schiller, Golden Nugget Automotive
Gardnerville, Nevada

Our Company has been using Identifix for a little over a year now. We have definitely noticed an increase in preventative maintenance sales as well as our techs having greater success with difficult repair situations. We pride ourselves on having some of the best technicians in the industry and having the type of information that Identifix provides at the tip of our fingers definitely assists our shops in running more efficiently and in turn raises tech productivity. Many of our customers have commented that they love the information that is provided to them after going over the Factory Scheduled Maintenance report with them. We believe in the tool and will continue using Identifix to further our success and to assist us in offering great customer service.

Mike Matesic, Beverly Tire & Auto
Barrie, Ontario

Having access to dealer information is key to our business, and the amount of information available in Identifix with OEM Direct is staggering. Using our other online resource can sometimes be cumbersome and tedious, but accessing diagnostic and repair information in Identifix’s Hotline Archives is incredible. I am a big believer that the person with the most information wins, and we look forward to our continued relationship with Identifix.

David Dansereau, LAD’s Auto
Calgary, Alberta

Identifix has been a great time saver for my techs and has allowed us to repair vehicles that we would have otherwise turned away. The new OEM information is easy to find and now makes it possible for us to complete even more repairs. I recommend this tool to any shop owner.

Glenn Mitchell, Sav-Mor Auto Clinic
Orem, Utah

I would like to thank Identifix for adding the new OEM sections to the web site. Right away I noticed how much more information was available. The component locator was always nice but now way better with actual factory pics. The tear down and removal procedures are much needed as cars change and I can hardly keep up with them. Wiring diagrams are also nicer and more complete. I’m still finding new portions to the site that I haven’t used before. European information is always at a premium so I hope to see more from that too. Keep up the good work!

Keith Noel, Noel Automotive
West Branch, Iowa

Our supporting customers are highly valued. To serve our valued customers properly we need to be equipped with accurate and up-to-date tools. Identifix is one of these tools. Not only is Identifix used by our Technicians on a daily basis, but by our whole team. The quality information that Identifix provides aids us in informing and educating our customers. Thank you, Identifix, for providing us with such a service.

Josie Switzer, AutoTrust Service Corp.
Steptler, Alberta

Thanks so much for the service and great product. I’ve had Direct-Hit less than 12 hours and repaired a Toyota that wouldn’t go into overdrive. Who would have ever thought that a bad engine coolant thermostat would cause this? Not me, and apparently not the other 4 shops that it’s been to
around here.
Thanks again.

Donald “Geno” Billings Geno’s Wrenches on Wheels,
Kirbyville, Missouri

Identifix is my main source of information and I use it every day. I appreciate how fast I can find all the information pertaining to the fixes posted by the other shops. We really save a lot of time.

Daniel Luneau, Landry Station Service inc.
Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

I don’t have just a single success story, it’s a daily event. Since I’ve been using Identifix the shop’s diagnostic time has been cut by at least 70%. The great thing about Identifix is that it helps us zero in on the system causing the problem. Also with the added OEM features, I have all the information I need in one place. Great product, thanks.

Rick Miner, Miner’s Auto Repair
Cedar City, Utah

Identifix has been a fantastic product and a lifesaver for my automotive shop and my customers. The information on this program is priceless and pays for itself 10 times over. It saves time and makes you money! And it works! I almost don't want to tell anyone I have this, we are kings in our area for fixing vehicles!

My most recent vehicle was a '04 Chevy Malibu that came in running rough, no engine light on. She just had an oil change done at the dealer 1 week before. She has all her work done there, so when this problem started she gladly paid the $250 inspection fee the dealer wanted. They called her back letting her know that there is probably major internal engine damage and it would cost more to get to the bottom of the issue. After taking some advice from a friend she came to us for a second opinion. I said it was $99.00 to take a look. My tech brought the Malibu in and 15 minutes later had it figured out. Identifix website said there has been issues with oil level overfilled and can cause this problem, sure enough there were 4 litres too much oil in the crankcase. So we recommended doing an oil change to make sure the right level and viscosity of oil was in the vehicle, and sure enough the vehicle ran perfectly! On top of that we sold an air filter, cabin filter and a p/s flush from our inspection with the oil change. She gladly paid her $300 bill, but best of all she now brings her 3 vehicles to us for all her mechanical needs.

Try it. You will never look back!

Mike Kelly, Canadian Tire #174
Ottawa, Ontario

You know what I call Identifix? My 4th mechanic. I got 3 here and one on call.

Larry Moskos, H & R Auto Towing
Forest Park, Illinois

I’m really impressed with the Repair Hotline &nash; they’re quick and to the point, great guys to work with!
Overall, Direct-Hit and the hotline save me a hell of a lot of time, especially the confirmed fixes!

Adam Lerch, Certified Tire & Auto Service
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Nowadays when a car comes in, you just don’t have too much time to get the job done; but with Identifix, it cuts down so much time! With 5 codes on a vehicle, you want to make sure to get them all fixed and shut down – and be sure it's done right. Other shops call asking me for info – and trying to find it on the other systems
is impossible.
When I look it up on Direct-Hit, it shows right up! Other shops send their business to us because they're not up with the new technology, and they ship over their headaches because we can diagnose and fix it faster using Direct-Hit!

Yogi Thakore, AA Pairie Autohaus
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

We provide the preventative maintenance plans, with an estimate of the recommended work needed stapled to the back of it, while the customer is still waiting for their car. This way, we can try and upsell while they are still in the shop. We are very excited about seeing more remarkable results, and continued increased revenues in the upcoming years. Thanks to all of you at Identifix. You guys rock!

Howard and Laini DeVore, Flagstaff Auto Repair
Flagstaff, Arizona

Identifix....you guys are awesome! We've had other products and were completely unimpressed. My techs love Direct-Hit and the information it provides. My Service Writer and I love it at the front counter so we can pull up maintenance schedules and do reliability reports for used car inspections. Identifix makes me way more money than the cost. Thanks, guys!!!

Chris James Cotton, Community Auto Repair
Ponca City, Oklahoma

On behalf of all the employees, affiliates and members of the Automotive Service Association I want to thank you for the quality of your product and the support you provided to ASA in 2012.

We are excited and optimistic about the future and look forward to working with you in 2013.

John Scully, Senior Vice President Strategic Alliances, Automotive Service Association
Oak Ridge, North Carolina

I can no longer do my job without Direct-Hit. I use it before I even look at the car. When a customer comes in with a symptom I go straight to the site and look for pattern failures and confirmed fixes. This allows me to begin eliminating possibilities a lot faster and often fix cars in a few minutes instead of a few hours. I cannot understand how any shop can work without it.

Tom Bowles, Tom's Repair Service
Lottsburg, Virginia

We go to Direct-Hit for all troubleshooting, and we call the Repair Hotline too. We have other resource tools as well as ASE Master techs, but Direct-Hit is probably the most effective tool I have in my shop.

Jimmy Howeth, Auto Tech
Texarkana, Texas

I’m the owner and the lead diagnostician so I don't have a lot of time. Direct-Hit has been fantastic and has
completely and utterly changed the way I diagnose cars. I used to take the car for a test drive first, then plug in the scanner, then check for TSB's from another source. Now I get codes from the scanner, plug them into Direct-Hit and see the most common problems and fixes. Works perfectly every time!

Brandon Woods, AAMCO Transmission
Apopka, Florida

We go to Direct-Hit first, exclusively! It's amazing how many cars we fix like that. We also work on a ton of high-end cars like Lexus and Mercedes and it's great for everything. I wouldn't work without this service.

Ace Cannon, Cannon Automotive Services
Gulf Breeze, Florida

With Direct-Hit, we had the best month in my 20 year career!

Al Senko, Certified Tire & Auto Sevice
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

With all of our ASE Master techs trained on Direct-Hit, I have no problem running my shop profitably. We use it on all of our basic work as well as the heavy duty problem jobs. It's a MUST with all the modern electronics and issues that customers run into. A shop shouldn't run without Direct-Hit!

Alan Mack, Mack's Auto-Tech, Inc.
Crestview, Florida

Identifix is the first thing I open in the morning, and the last thing I close in the evening.
If you are not using this program, your shop is not as efficient as it could be.

Jerry Book, Sterling Service Center
Ephreta, Pennsylvania

Direct-Hit is one of the best investments I've made for the shop. It narrows down the diagnostic search time and gets to the point quicker. I would recommend this to any shop doing business today.

Chuck Carey, Midway Automotive Corp.
Abington, Massachusetts

I feel that auto repair, now more than ever, is a team effort. One person or shop can no longer repair vehicles – much less diagnose them – alone. The Repair Hotline support staff has been very helpful. I would recommend this service to anyone, regardless of skill level, who takes the business of car repair seriously.

Will Spears, Will's Automotive
Concord, North Carolina

I have 3 guys here that work on cars and they use Direct-Hit all the time. It has improved their confidence level whether confirming what they suspected, or giving them other options.

Dale Greenwald, Jack Williams Tire Store
Allentown, Pennsylvania

I was skeptical of the whole "quick fix" concept when I started using Direct-Hit. I soon found out how fast I could find and repair problems quickly and efficiently, allowing me to put more repairs through in a day. I would highly recommend Direct-Hit to anyone running a small or large shop. It will make you money if you use it.

Darren Philips, Darren Philips Auto Repair
Lower Coverdale, New Brunswick

Direct-Hit helps me increase profits in my shop. We take advantage of the Hotline Archives to see what other technicians are doing to fix cars right. When we use Direct-Hit, we have confidence that we are fixing cars right
the first time.

Moe Moin-Amin, Annandale Service Center
Annandale, Virginia

Direct-Hit's Factory Scheduled Maintenance Plans gave me instant results! Every car that comes into our shop gets a report. They give us a more professional appearance and provide greater integrity in the eyes of our customers. After using them, our profits are up $3,500 from the same month last year!

Joe Price, Precision Auto
Billings, Montana

I focus on my current customers and referrals using Direct-Hit's Factory Scheduled Maintenance Plans. Now,
we're averaging an additional $5,000 a month in additional sales!

Jim Sparks, Sparks Automotive
Glennallen, Alaska

We are using Direct-Hit to print out Factory Scheduled Maintenance Plans on all vehicles in our bays. Everything is in layman's terms and easy for customers to read. And because they're in writing, our customers believe what is needed on their car.

Ed Jagt, Pro-Tech Tire and Auto
Barrie, Ontario

The combination of the Repair Hotline and Direct-Hit has made us fearless in taking in virtually any car. The Hotline gives us confidence because we know we have a life line if we get in trouble. We have realized that we require less formal training because we are constantly learning from the Identifix Master Technicians.

Jerry Griebling, Jerry's Auto Repair
Pullman, Washington

Direct-Hit takes pattern failure diagnosis to the next level. I not only use my 30+ years of experience, but also that of thousands of other techs to determine the most common failures of a particular system or vehicle. It helps me show a higher level of professionalism and expertise to the customer. It's one of the most valuable tools a tech can have.

Tom Massey, Auto Air & More
Las Vegas, Nevada

At first, we only used Direct-Hit when we were stumped. Now we use it first to see if there's a documented quick fix before we begin. If not, we use the Repair Hotline for the answer. Direct-Hit is an excellent tool for working quickly and effectively.

Bob Arlotta, Long Hill Automotive
Millington, New Jersey

A customer came into the shop complaining of a "misfire" on their vehicle. I went to Direct-Hit and had the car completely fixed in less than 10 minutes. The customer was overjoyed. Thank you, Direct-Hit!

Michael Lagan, Downtown Auto Specialist
Hamilton, Ontario

Direct-Hit has become one of our most trusted diagnostic tools. I can say with great confidence that you have
cut down our diagnostic time by over 80%! Thanks!

Alan Lansdale, Lansdale Automotive
Georgetown, Texas

My Direct-Hit subscription is the best money I spend in my shop. It's our policy to check it for every driveability problem that rolls into the door. Now that my techs are used to it, they use it for almost everything. I cannot afford to work without it!

Matt Ubachs, AutoproTechnologies
Clarkston, Washington

Direct-Hit it is one of the most important tools and resources at my shop. Each Technician and Service Adviser has Direct-Hit on their computer and uses it daily. It’s as important as a 10mm wrench.

Joe Sevart, I-70 Auto Service, Inc.
Kansas City, Missouri

Our shop has been using Direct-Hit since 2001, taking advantage of all its features on a daily basis to expedite the diagnostic process to find common failures – and their fixes – the first time around. This translates into
faster turnarounds for us and the customers, and fewer comebacks.

Jim Croghan, Croghan Auto Care Ltd
Wilmington, Ohio

The Direct-Hit website is one of those tools that you don't realize how much you would use it until you have it.
It is indispensable. We look up the fix information before we even start on the vehicle to see if there are any common problems, saving my techs a lot of time. The Factory Scheduled Maintenance Plans are a boost to bottom line profits. They have very good explanations on the why, the how and the when. Nothing is sold that isn't recommended according to manufacturers service schedules and the customer can read it for themselves. We print it off, put it in the car and we have a very good response from this. This tool is a winner.

Ron Promisson, Promisson Automotive Service Center
Bushnell, Illinois

Direct-Hit is an essential tool that every shop should have. It cuts our diagnostic time substantially by making us aware of pattern failures that we might not know about and they provide you with 'real world' ways to diagnose your problem. Whether you have top tier technicians or technicians that are just starting out, they all will benefit from Direct-Hit.

Robert Gruener Jr., Autotechtronics By Robert
Katy, Texas

I work alone, so in order to make a profit I have to service and do repairs as quickly as possible. The Direct-Hit and Repair Hotline specialists allow me to do just that. When I call the hotline, the technician stays with me until the problem is solved or I understand what needs to be done to fix the problem. The hotline is as good as HOT BUTTERED POPCORN!

Mark Patrick, Easton Auto Care Inc.
Easton, Maryland

My Good old Dad once said, “Son don’t trust a guy who has all the answers.” You guys at Identifix have all the answers, so do I trust you? The answer is a resounding YES, because you are not just one guy. You are a team that works together like a well oiled machine. Just the other day I was having trouble with a VW Jetta transmission. First call was to Jim, he walked me through the preliminaries. The second call Jim was out sick. NOW WHAT DO I DO? No problem. Bill jumped on that wild horse and road it with me to the end. You guys are great. Tell Bill and Jim that I replaced the Transmission Control Module and the Jetta started shifting like a big dog and it goes in reverse too. Must have been the close proximity to the overheating engine that melted the solder on the mother board. Anyway, keep up having all the answers, guys.

David Brown, Auburn 76 Auto Center Inc.
Auburn, California